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Books available

All the books on sale are available in both print editions and PDF. Fantasy Dice, Trauma, Mahada and Turbo Dice can be ordered both as PDF and print from DriveThruRPG. Crimson Exodus and Echoes of Death can only be ordered as PDF from DriveThruRPG and the print copies must be ordered from the Lulu print on demand service.

Radical Approach at DriveThru RPG

Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition - Roleplaying Game

A roleplaying game with a rich fantasy setting using the Fantasy Dice rules. All you need to play. Crimson Exodus 2nd Ed

Fantasy Dice - Game System

Only the Fantasy Dice rules for use in your own system or sharing with players without setting material. Fantasy Dice

Trauma 2nd Edition - Game Supplement

A system for adding colour and a lot more depth to the wounds and injuries your characters suffer. Bring the action to life in pretty much any roleplaying game you want to use it with. Trauma

Turbo Dice - Game System

A free super light weight version of the Fantasy Dice system. Turbo Dice

Four Orcs and a Dwarf - Adventure

A fun adventure written for Crimson Exodus that could be adapted to most fantasy settings. Echoes Of Death

Mahada - Crimson Exodus Supplement

A new people for Crimson Exodus. Hunters of Orcs and formidable allies or enemies with their own culture and way of life centered around the hunt and the pack. Mahada