Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition Kickstarter

The crimson banner has sailed. The Empire is on her knees. Ravaged by barbarians, plague and walking dead. Invaded and besieged by the dwarven war machine. Swarmed with refugees from the Heartlands fleeing famine, plague, orcs and lawless chaos. Town after town abandoned to the dead and reclaimed by beasts and weeds.

The second edition of Crimson Exodus updates the original fantasy roleplaying game with new artwork, revised rules and a re-organised chapter order to bring the world to the forefront, literally. A rich unique setting for new and experienced gamers alike, all the rules you will need to play and a short adventure all in one book. Crimson Exodus 2nd edition is available as a fan friendly PDF with no watermarking and a creative commons license, and in print as both hardcover and softcover from lulu!

Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition

Crimson Exodus is a fantasy roleplaying game in a world of swords, sorcery, witchcraft, ancient ruins, crumbling empires, savage orcs and vast stretches of wild and unexplored lands. The book contains everything you need to play (just add dice and friends). Among its pages you will find:

  • Play a character from any of ten different cultures
  • Eleven paths that may make you legends - celebrated or hated
  • Carefully selected skills - each with speciality sub-fields
  • Chapters on barter, assembling your own armour and plenty of weapons
  • Effortless game mechanics that offer tactical and creative gameplay
  • Three unique and distinct arts of the arcane
  • Chapters dedicated to artefacts, herbs, alchemy and a bestiary
  • An adventure
  • A richly developed world ready to be explored and expanded with your ideas

So what did people say about the first edition...

"First and foremost: I think I didn't see such a quality and innovations since the release of D&D 3rd edition. ...this book ROCKS!" - 5/5 - Paolo P.

"Simply put, the setting is dripping with flavor and has years of gaming potential in the core book alone - there's no clear-cut good/evil, lots of shades of gray." - 5/5 - Adam M.

"I enjoyed this book a great deal. The resolution systems has a unique twist on the roll and keep system found in such games as Legend of the 5 Rings rpg." - 5/5 - David


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