Fantasy Dice

Fantasy Dice is available at DriveThruRPG.

The roleplaying game brings you the roleplaying game system seen in Crimson Exodus for use with any game. A complete book with everything you need to play in your favourite setting or world of your own creation.

Some of the features that make Fantasy Dice interesting:

  • Super simple, but tactically versatile task resolution.
  • Bias system for social conflict.
  • Structured, roleplaying focused, social conflict handling.
  • Character defining characteristics and aspirations with real benefits.
  • No classes - occupation and path help define the character - not restrict.
  • Attributes specify number of dice to roll.
  • Skills specify type of die to roll.
  • Fast resolution - practically math free.
  • Detailed, but fast character creation.
  • Basic templates for creating your own races.
  • Carefully selected skills balance variety with simplicity.
  • Super fast NPC creation.
  • Friendly NPCs controlled by players.
  • Advise on scene handling and plot pacing.
  • GM Friendly - running an RPG should be fun not stressful.
  • Wide range of weapon types with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assemble your own armour.
  • Three distinct arts of magic: witchcraft, sorcery and the black arts.
  • Witchcraft requires blood and sacrifices.
  • Sorcery is hard and draining.
  • Black Arts dangerous and forbidden.Fantasy Dice Logo
  • Advise on creating your own types of magic.
  • Tactical combat system where defending is as important as attacking.
  • Handling of weapon reach, counter attacks and other tactical elements.
  • Simple ways to handle fear and fatigue.
  • Stat based wealth system that handles trade with coin and barter.
  • Details on artefacts, herbs, poisons, alchemical potions and elixirs.
  • Samle stats and behaviour for beasts and monsters.
  • No hitpoints - realistic, but simple wound system.

Be creative and share your work. If you want to use Fantasy Dice to power your own games and share it with others you can! Fantasy Dice is released under a creative commons license that allows this as long as you provide attribution, don't sell it and share your work under the same license.

There has been some great reviews from fans, and such feedback is really appreciated. Here are some of the highlights:

...the most modern, clever and versatile RPG System I've put my hands on. From a structural point of view, FD is a sum of the best of breed ideas I ever stumbled upon: ever read Greg Stolze's essay for GMs? In love with Robin Law's handbook on good game mastering? Tired of d20 oddities and fond of the novelties in system like Cortex or Savage Worlds? Well, FD has it all, but more streamlined, more lightweight, more cinematic and  more tactic! No math (read again: NO MATH) but a full tactical system. This is really blowing, and you can't see how much without trying it at least once. - Paolo P.

Simply put, I think this is one of the best rpg systems currently on the market, and is definitely in my top 5 - simple and elegant mechanics, not too light on the rules but not too heavy either (the perfect sweet spot), the best of the old school and the new school gaming concepts with a healthy dose of innovation - I can't express how awesome the system is in words, it's that good. - Adam M.