Dark of fur, long of claw, sharp of tooth.

Since dawn of time the Mahada have hunted. Beast and orc alike.

Now they clash with men as the last of their kind flee north to the Heartlands.

Presenting the Panthermen.

A Fantasy Dice race for use with Crimson Exodus the roleplaying game, or for use in your own setting.

Format: 5.5" x 8.5" Colour Paperback and PDF Contents:
  • Stats and available weapons and armour for creating panthermen player characters.
  • Background on being Mahada and their matriarchal patriarchy.
  • Languages, names, racial abilities, racial skills and physique.
  • Background occupations such as huntress, maurader, claw, black fury, patriarch and more.
  • Unique Mahada Artefacts
  • Stats for encounters with bands of young males, patriarchs, pride huntresses and the black furies who live to hunt orc.