Trauma plugs into any roleplaying system to add rules, descriptions and medical detail to every kind of injury.

This second edition of Trauma is a 187 page hardcover or paperback book.

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Trauma has carefully researched risks, symptoms and treatments. Rules for diagnosis and surgery in medieval, modern and futuristic settings as well as healing spells. Each of five major body locations (head, chest, abdomen, arms & legs) have their own chapter with anatomy and injuries. Each injury described in detail with symptoms and treatments.

Tables are provided for each location with wounds for slash, pierce and crush with five degrees of severity, ranging from superficial to mortal. Plus two tables for electrical burns. All these provide vivid descriptions of wounds from the viewpoint of the combatants as well as medical descriptions of physical damage caused, such as broken bones and damaged organs. Designed to be handled after combat to keep it fast paced and not interfere with game mechanics.